Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good bye home*

I am not going to list down all the things I found out like this post couple of years back. Because this move has completely different meaning this time.

Last night was the last time I slept at the same place I came to home after my birth. Today was the last time I had breakfast at the place I learnt how to eat. Today was the last time I locked the door, where I learnt how the keys looked like. It was the door where I managed to break my toe nail, and it still has those marks.

There are so many memories associated to this place, even if I want to write them all, it would take couple of days before I can finish this post. I haven't lived at this place all my life, but yes, significant part of my life was spent here. Or the part I most cherish of my childhood was spent in this apartment. It was later one when we moved to a bigger place, my uncle with his family moved in. It is the place where I lived with my grand parents, I do miss grand dad at times.

I made a video yesterday, moving very quickly around the building and of the apartment for which my siblings will appreciate me, yet the thought of not being able to come back to this place physical makes my heart dips. They will soon be demolishing it, as by today's standards it looks old and is not required, but for some the memories of this place will remain forever.

At this moment there is something stuck in my throat, I  am not sure what is it and how it will go away. I don't know why certain things have to be the way they are.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life phases

I think I have learned to live with the circumstances encircled me since few good months now. I am no more angry with the way things are happening around me. I look it as a natural course of life, on which I as a human being have a little say.

This is possibly my phase of a resentment to a contentment. Not that I am out of ideas, thoughts, comments or plans for my life, or life around me, it is just that I would rather take a non-conflicting route keeping my sanity intact hence, ensuring day to day happiness :).   


Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Mountain


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pepsi with ice

Do din hogye hain is mausam ki pehli 'coke with ice' piye. Abhi tek gala buht ziada kharab nahi huwa. Just wanted to record this event. lol


Your dream vacation?

Some remote island...

Ask me anything

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lost of memories

Although the subject of the post may seem more dramatic but the lost of my precious USB memory stick is not of any less importance. I lost it as somebody broke into my car last night and don't ask me why I had it in my car. I had lot of backed up data in it, including received files, images, songs, and so many things I don't even want to remember now.

Anyhow its gone now, and my regular theory needs to be applied again: Everything happens for a reason!

P.S: I had already lost most of my previous backed up data while updating OS of my laptop :/


Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hamari generation

Itna aasaan asool pata nahi logou'n ko samajh kion nahi aata? Akhir ab aisa bhi bhala kia bura hai hamari nasal mai? Akhir hum aisa bhi kia ker rehay hain jo hamarey barou'n ko buht nagawar guzarta hai?

Sochnay ki baat to yeh hai keh hum jo kertay hain, woh hum kion kertay hain. Hamie aise kernay per kon uksata hai? Hum yeh sub kahan say seekhtay hain?

Meray nazdeek to kisi ki shaksiyat ko bananay mai sub say ziada kirdaar uskay maa baap ka hota hai. Yeh maap baap k fara'iz mai shamil hai bachoun ki parwarish kerna, unki zarortien puri kerna aur unki shaksiyat ki tameer kerna. Jo log aaj yeh shikayat ker rehay hain keh hamarey bachay aisa nahi kertay waisa nahi kertay, unko sochna chahiyeh keh unho nai apnay bacho ko kaisa mahool faraham kia jab keh unke zehn kachay thay? Kia kabhi sirf islye TV off kerdia k bachay dekh rehay hain? Kia kabhi songs band kerdiye islye k bachay sun rehay hain? Kia unke samnay namaz adaa ki keh woh bhi seekh sakien? Kia kabhi apnay ghusay per qaboo kia keh bachoun per kia asar hoga?

Yeh woh sub batien hain jinper hamarey aam gharano mai kabhi socha he nahi gaya. Hamarey haan samajh lia gya hai k maa baap ka farz sirf bacho ki roz-mara zaroriat ko pura kerna hai. Taleem-o-tarbiyat school keh asaatzah per chor di gyi hai jinko aik class mai 40-50 bacho ko perhana hota hai, Islam ki taleem masjid k maulvi per jo sirf Quran perhna sikhata hai aur rehi sahi qasar TV aur Internet puri ker deta hai.

Aise mahool mai mazeed kia tawaqu ki jasakti hai hamari nasal say?