Tuesday, July 28, 2009

vacation post - 1

I am home since friday and I have only seen around 55% of my house :D no no its not 20 room mansion or something...but i hope it doesnt approve laziness as well....though its just...im on vacations na :$ and yeah havnt been able to go out and get my local sim working as well :D ....hmmm wish me fun!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sleepin disorder

2 nights since I slept properly. Feels like if some corner of my mind is ALWAYS ON.


sleepin disorder

2 nights since I slept properly. Feels like if some corner of my mind is ALWAYS ON.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Namkeen chai.

I am just done with breakfast now. My day so far is not as smooth as I might have wanted for but it is not very unusual at a new place.

Last night, after posting my previous blog, I went straight to bed as I had a really hectic day at work and later had to face chaos at airport. It seems like whole of Kuwait is flying away. Although I have cleaned and arranged most of this place before, with help of my dad and sympathetic aunt, yet there is dust and few things were not very usable. Same is the case with my bed. I went there and find no bed covers, a new pillow still wrapped in air tight plastic, and a blanket also in cover. I quickly unwrapped all of that, but found some dust on my bed which I tried to get rid of, so I decided not to put bed cover until I am sure it is well clean. With new pillow and a different bed, I could only sleep couple of hours.

I woke up, completely at new place, looking at mobile for time, and it was time to wake up. It is Friday today, and have to wake up soon to be able to reach Jumma prayers on time. Quickly I wanted to have breakfast but again same scenario, need to get new bottle of oil out, and unwrapped few other things. I already had my masalas filled in those transparent plastic containers. A desi chai with evaporated milk is usual for breakfast and fried egg with toast. All I would like to say is, I used SALT instead of Sugar in my tea!! Good that I nipped a bit before taking everything to TV lounge and thankfully dad brought me some juice yesterday, otherwise it would have been disaster!

Wish me luck for rest of my day: P


Back to basics.

It's been almost 21 years since I last slept in this room. I have actually moved backed to this apartment as of today. I am bit excited, thrilled, sad, and missing my family and the old days. I have lots of happy memories related to this apartment as this is the first place I was brought to live in after the local hospital. It was back in 80's when things were slow as same was the case around this place as well. Since advent of strange modernisation idea of building high rise buildings and owning vehicles more than people on this planet has obvious affects on this neighbourhood as well. It is not as calm and peaceful place I can ditch from my deep memories. Those days, the bright sunlight was always an invitation to go out of the flat and have some fun! not as of now where I do try to shy away from direct sunlight and prefer to stay in air condition as much as I can. Things are not same, I am not a very young inquisitive child who is always asking questions, not that I do not anymore or my dad does not respond to them but of course the nature of subjects under scrutiny has been changed by this change in years.

At the moment I am sitting alone with my laptop and some Hindi movie on TV. I have just arrived back from airport, dropping off dad and uncle for Lahore. My happiness and pleasure of staying at this place is not for long, as only today we received a notice to vacate the place as they want to demolish and build up a high rise, almost a similar scenario all over this region. For this notice thing, I am not feeling down at all, I am taking it as my fate, at-least I will have a chance to stay for a while, what bothers me is the hassle to find a new place, which is a big nightmare for a bachelor to get decent place.

Wish me luck:)