Friday, March 24, 2006


bad me , yes me bad, i want to smile but i cant, i want to breath and all i can do is fake, i like to be happy and make people happy around me,i fail and i fail again, it happens to me every year, may be thats what they call self development? or is it just me again? all that money i have lost in recent weeks and the weeks to come i can see, the worries are increasing and solutions are getting to nil, may be all of us just dont work logically here, and well who knows if the logic is the best way to follow, haan i made mistakes and well there is no way out, but hold on, lemme think, whats the lesson? isnt it the same lesson i learnt a year ago? what was that again? dont TRUST, is it? but how come it is always me who trust people around and get knacked straight into head and people doing all sorta wrong stuff get away with it, oh right damn they all clever gits aye, im the dumb one right:( no need to feel sorry for myself! its just me :) have to live with it and pray...yeah pray:)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

happy work day

aaj kafi maza aaya is bit fun, its not all like university where u just have to LISTEN,,,kafi interactive the scene rehta hai roz. Today was selling session, yani k bata rehay thaye k wat people really buy for, needs necessities, luxury and what do they look for, so actually how to market something.

so hamie 3 teams mai divide kerdia..5 ppl each. our product was FIRST AID KIT, yani ab yeh bhi koi bhala bechta hai laiken still had to do it. Fortunately acha group mila, we just had 20 mins to complete, so aik sheet per humne plasters, thermometer and sub chezien banayee dosri per first aid kit ki pic banayi and uske features likhay, what is it about, why u should have it and all that.

we did bit of role play, one girl had her a blade cut, so and S came runing along with first aid kit, it was actually khali dabba of pens and usme paper ki patti bana ker rekhi thi maine:D so woh di usko and subko woh pics wali sheet dekhayi and then we went to more formal presentation, and guess what at the end we had voting where we were not allowed to vote our own group..and we still won! and we are promised some gifts for that 2moro, hope we get something more than chocolates this time:D

uske baad humne apnay dosrey groups combine kiye, based on products we will be dialing after, our is BCC( balance cancellation cover), usper presentation likhi to hia ..with features and benefits laiken woh kal keriengye so should me exciting:)

Friday, March 17, 2006

new job

haan ji to new job start hochuki hai, aaj to first week ka last day hai, acha chal reha hai sub kuch, sara week training mai hi guzr gaya and damn only one more week to go then on to the field!

kafi tension chal rehi thi is mamlay mai, stupid last job mai manager hi nahi achi thi, i would call it racist even laiken issey ziada favourism ka chakr tha, shifts hi nahi mil rehi thien, so Allah ka shukr hai yahan hogya kaam laiken hai to waise part time job hi and nothing much to do with "formal" studies laiken phir bhi working for GE Money should count something. itna kuch bataya is week mai jo mujhey kabhi pata hi nahi tha company k barey mai, GE one of the biggest companies in world, most admired workplace and the first company to get on DOW JONES index.

woh sub to thiek hai and mujhey kia jo bhi hai :d 5-9 job sales they call it, so dekho kaisa chalta hai sub, weekly/monthly targets achieve kerna houngay, pata nahi kia banay ga, baqi training mai kafi maza aaya, group acha hai hamara, sub hi friendly hain, kafi indians bhi hain so maza aata hai baat kernay mai, D meri group mai hai, so uske saath kafi chitchat chalti hai, hai to woh Sikh but samjhti apnay aapko shaed Aish. hai so LOL anyway , kal bhi hamara 7 ppl group jeeta tha aik lil quiz mai, got chocholates and lollypops for that:D but aaj serious type assessment hai, abhi jummay k baad aaker kuch perhta hun, sara week kuch sahi say nahi hosaka, subha subha uni shaam ko job woh bhi training sorta, neend bhi nahi poori hui:( abhi pain killer li hai kuch headache suppress kernay ko, looking forward to this weekend buht ziada!

waise to is week poster presentation bhi thi..jiski KAFI tension thi but Alhamdullilah all went okay, mera assessor hi koi Mathematician tha:d so he wasnt that interested in technical bits of it rather kehta hai k batao is project ka hamie kia faida hoga as an individual, all i said was, u need an extra card in ur computer to support this technology and he goes: one more! heheh khair was okay, ab baqi stupid aik aur kafi tension hai, i have written to trading standards about it, dekhtay hain kia banta hai .