Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Basant-Valentines day Aur Hum

Saturday, February 10, 2007

kuch hi dino ki baat hai...

Uff now as I have decided, got my tickets booked and purchased, sudden feeling of scariness has over taken my ambitions. I will be all alone, yet after all this years I never thought I would have to face such situation again but it is going to happen in few days time. I was looking around for accommodation details and as expected won't be easy to find decent sharing accommodation, especially in those countries. And the furnished flat prices are just way on the top what I expect to earn in first few months atleast. Oh Allah, please help me through this, as you have always did!, though I will have few friends to share time with, but those people who I havn't been in touch for sometime :^).

Jo accommodation mil rehi hai from company pata nahi kaisi hogi? mai wahan reh paonga k nahi? office kaisey aana jana hoga? kia khaonga? kia kerounga? office time k baad kia kerounga? Internet use kersakounga k nahi? Kia totally internet to lifeline nahi rehjayegi meri? because even the thought of it is scary for me at the moment. Yahan jaise sub hota hai, wahan waisey kuch nahi hota! so what would be expected from me either at work or outside mujhey kuch andaza nahi hai, and how I am going to adapt/adjust myself in to new/different lifestyle is what bothering me at the moment.

I think I should sleep now, hah the only thing remains the same everywhere:) hope it does! though my sleeping tendency is directly proportional to my bed-pillow arrangment which will take few nights to adjust for sure (lol useless info that was).

BTW people who might be wondering about all this, I am 'moving' to Dubai next week. Yes, in search of better future which lies in a decent job at the moment, and yes I have been offered a job, now lets see how it all works out to be:) Pray for me please:$

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bichari parveen shaakir :D