Saturday, November 01, 2008

In kuwait

I know its been some time since I have written anything. Not that I have gone bored of all this blogging thing but rather I would say, I have grown less urge to write all in public!!..

Nahi seriously, not much happening. Ya phir keha ja sakta hai buht kuch horeha hai but I am just uncertain about it all. Got new job, so life got all busy in establishing myself once again back to Kuwait, the city, the place I have spent all my childhood. It is certainly not same, haven't got my immediate family to support me at home neither old place we used to live, still all hoping to start it over, and crushingly feeling to forget previous 1-1.5 years time, since that was never my preferred place or job to be in ..

Pata nahi how other people go through this all, laiken starting a career is a difficult thing (yes thats how I feel these days!), there are so many uncertainties, pata nahi kia hoga kia nahi hoga, yeh job jo choose ki hai achi rehay gi future k liye ya nahi rehay gi, how to accomodate family, shadi kab kerni hai, aur jo baqi sub kerna tha life mai uska kia hoga?!

Well since abhi i am living with close relatives, so life is kinda easy, after living alone for more than 6 years, living in a family is ofcourse a relaxing experience. Since i dont have to worry about food or laundry, i am taking life bit too easy these days. Not that k aur kaam koi nahi hai, still need to find accomodation for myself, have applied for driving licence jab tek woh nai hojata complete can not afford to move away from this place, uske baad still on probation at work place, need to prove myself, should feel worthy to them.

Personal diet regime, exercise schedule, sports, friends, online gaming, sub kuch planning phases mai hai, yet there is no rush, I am just taking it easy, a whole new transform, new* place , new friends, new life!

Baqi I am so glad I have some of the nicest people as my online friends, who have kept me going in almost all kinds of situations :)