Saturday, November 17, 2007

yet it happens still ...

I am just coming after watching the movie Om Shanti Om but I am going to write nothing about it. It is about the strange emotions I went through while driving back home, the song from movie Tere Naam was playing on the radio and right after that song from the movie Jism played. I went all back in years while listening to these songs. It was strange me imagining in my old vauxhaul car I used to drive in UK and what a time it was. Full of hope and mysterious future ahead. The bright day in London almost shined to me once again and I was back in memories. So many people were around who are not in picture at all now.

Oh i miss those times,
when the songs play,
when the winds blow,
it makes me feel all bright once again, but yet sad.
there is nothing i have carried,
with me as a companion,
neither the friends,
nor the country,
or even whom i loved,
for reasons not known,

It almost made me call the person which is all lame and then I wanted to call home, call my mum but have nothing to say. Sometimes I feel alone, darkened in all my loneliness yet the friends still encircle me. I acclaim them, I am glad I always had people to help me carry through the times which may seem hard but nothing remains forever, atleast thats what i have learnt so far.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Haha this is interesing!