Thursday, March 29, 2007


"...jab admi kisse ko koi tuhfa deta hai to wo jantaa hai ke agar koi aise cheez day ga jo uss shaks ke pass nahi hai, tou wo khush hoga, laeken ab agar Allah ko tuhfa dena ho to phir insaan kia kare?.. ..ALLAH ke pass to sub kuch hai, usko to kisse cheez ki kamee nahi hai.
Aise mein insaan ke taraf se aajezi ka tuhfa diya ja sekta hai..ALLAH tou bari shaan wala hai, mutakaber leye aajezi usko pasand hai."

Not exact words as i got this from orkut community but no matter when ever i read anything of this person, I feel like writing it down. So deep and practical, I just love Ashfaq Ahmed's writings.


Monday, March 26, 2007

dubai update

Waise kitni strange baat hai k I dont have any favourite songs for any occasion, udaas houn ya khush kabhi yaad nahi aata k konsa song mujhey pasand tha :S achanak abhi dosrey room mai "Awaara pan banjara pan, aik khala hai seenay mai" song chala to mujhey khayal aaya k how much i used to listen to this song but I don't anymore.

Aaj phir din koi khaas acha nahi guzra, aik well done ki email to aayi hai about presentation ki laiken saath aik aur bad news bhi k we not moving to separate place yet as promised, ab reasons chahay kuch bhi houn and i will be getting a sharing room with other person in the same house as they all live in, laiken sachi this is not what i want, its not just about what i want or the kind of place i would like to live its buss I know myself, mujhey chain hi nhi aaye ga and jab tek mai thiek feel nahi kerounga obviously it gona affect my tendency to work and subsay ghalt baat yeh hai k abhi sochtay yehi khayal aaya k mujhey job k barey mai negative feelings kion horehi hain, shaed reason yehi hai k mai abhi tek settle nahi huwa, and jahan abhi reh reha hun wahan mujhey settle hona bhi nahi hai , i simply don't want to, reasons chahay hazaar houn, hard work, initial time, need to achieve something bla bla bla sachi baat to yeh hai k mai buht acha bhi nahi hun , kuch batoun per compromise hosakta hai laiken har baat per to nahi.

Haan maanta houn k yahan aanay ka decision mera hi tha, is company mai kaam kernay ka bhi where i knew k situation thori complex hogi coz mera boss mera dost hai laiken pata nahi probably i am just not clear about the situation and for a person like me, ambiguity is the worse scenario, I always used to plan for each and everything I have something in my mind, few fallback plans bla bla chahay kabhi amal kia ho ya nahi , isdafa when it was such a big decision of my life, I just trusted my mate...... okay im blank now, mai gila kerna hargiz nahi chahta and neither that gona help if i'll start blaming my own decisions, laiken i just HOPE k things go bit better.....better the way I want.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

dooba doobai

pata nahi, mujhey nahi lagta if i will be able to handle such pressure. I certainly do not get paid for all this non-friendly looks i get from few people or even from him. Khair kisi ko kia kehna, it was my own decision and aisa kehtay waqt mera hargiz yeh matlab nahi hai k im regretting it or nything like that its just that the way people work here is really different. Not that they dont follow work schedules or work timings or anything, but they just want to get results as quickly as possible, what ever it takes! which sounds insane to me atleast, kion k situation is complex, mai apnay dost k under kaam ker reha hun there is not much i can complain about, everything i was promised is still in plans but type of work they want from me is in reality...khair aisa bhi nahi hai k mai complain ker reha hun, they are running successful business and if you want to be part of that, you must follow their rules, as simple as this. Mai buss yeh keh reha hun k mmm koi mujhey dantay:S yeh sub say mushkil kaam hai, being reminded is something else and being told off is other , mere saath abhi to aisa kuch nahi hua, laiken ho bhi sakta hai, kabhi bhi koi bhi kehsakta hai, k aap hamarey kisi kaam k nahi :S khair ager aisa hua to it would be bad!

i really trust my friend and certainly know that k he is tryin his best to make me appear best valued for the company, usme ab mujhey khud mai kitni changes lani pariengi, yahan k working environment mai kitna dhalna parey ga yeh to waqt batayega, and abhi yehi kehunga k i need some time, this country is new for me ! if im asked to get quotation for something, i certainly should know where to head:S unfortunately Internet is not all that big and you cannot find everything there khair..................list is long

- Im writing this just in case I forget this situation I had to go through., hopefuly... ;)


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


How come Hi5 is blocked and Orkut isn't? And why the hell it is on first place! well again blogspot is blocked in Pakistan....what can we say huh