Monday, August 18, 2008

Good bye dubai...

Aik dafa phir aaj gher chortey buht dukh horeha hai ...pata nahi mere saath hi aisa kion hota hai ...every year or two i have to leave the place...pata nahi kab aise gher mai rehounga jahan apna sub kuch buht der tek rekh sakoun...

Sub say mushkil kaam mere drawer ka hota hai..jahan mai itna time sub kuch jama kerta rehta hun...itna kuch i want to keep, just for the sake of memories laiken hamesha usually im moving away from the country isliye limited si capacity hoti hai so i just have to get rid of few k buht difficult kaam hai...pata nahi i love my things so much..kuch kharab bhi hojaye to dil nai kerta phenknay ka :$

Pehlay Huddersfield chora..phir Tonbridge chora..phirse Huddersfield chora Bradford k liye ..and phir Bradford chora Manchester k liye and Manchester chora Dubai k liye...Dubai almost 1yr 6 months reha houn...and now moving to Kuwait.

Since aaj last day hai almost as inshAllah kal going to Pakistan for short trip..sub saman pack ker reha tha abhi sonay se pehlay.. so subse bara masla wohi drawer khali kernay ka aaya..and usme kia kia nahi tha!!...since i did not want to through anything writing down the list of items i found in it(not complete list and yes i did threw them away) hence writing them here:

1. Supermarket Receipts:

i. Danphi Supermarket
ii. United Hypermarket
iii. Al Madina Supermarket
iv. Carrefour
v. Lulu Hypermarket.

2. Movie Tickets:

i. Rush Hour 3
ii. Partition
iii. American Gangster
iv. Jumper

3. Restaurants:

i. Dragon Hut
ii. Charley's Grilled Subs
iii. Gyro Restaurant

4. Park Tickets:

i. Creek Park

5. Raffle Tickets:

i. Century Mall raffle ticket for Nissan...(which i never won ofcourse)

6. Taxi receipts

7. Bank receipts

8. Dubai Duty free shop

1. Dark Chocolate ( somebody didn't liked it though:S )

and thats about it. Now lets see whats next for me...Hopefully something better :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

~Happy Independence Day~

May Allah help our country in these difficult times and help us make this country much better place for all of us.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Since I am in a country where I spent most of my childhood, some of the school time memories do arise in my hollow frame of mind.

The other day, aik game yaad aayi we used to play during school time. Ab yad kertay hain to achi khasi hansi aati hai. I am sure hum sub nai kabhi na kabhi aisa zaror kuch kia hi hoga. It was about matching your karma with the other person you desire. So simply ager apko koi larki pasand hai to uska naam and apna naam..dono ki compatibility check kia kertay thaye ...hehe. And i used to consider myself guru in that.. aadhi class nai mere se hi check kerwaya tha...and haha i cant remember maine kahan se seekha tha.

It was very simple, just aik dosrey naam mai jitne letter common houn uski koi ratio nikaltay thaye..phir uski kisi number se multiply and divide kerna hota tha :D...

anyways... aise hi yaad aagya :P


Friday, August 01, 2008

I want all my Muslim friends to join :