Monday, June 01, 2009

okay i cant think of a topic...m sleepy!

Pata hai kia, I thought of a topic, made all the sequence in mind, even the closing lines during the weekend, and here I am online again, laiken kuch bhi yaad nahi aareha :D It was mainly to do with the current situation in Pakistan.

Can't think of anything else to share filhaal, nothings been happening, it's pretty much routine life. Kafi time huwa koi new movie bhi nahi dekhi, Susan Boyle bichari haar gyi uska afsos hai. TV per aajkal Simpsons k illawa Frasier show dekh reha hun, sahi hai acha hota hai kabhi kabhi.

Soon I am planning to buy a Terabyte external hard disk, uskay barey mai likhounga, kion k I am very sure that would be another milestone and a date to in...The day I had my own stay tuned!