Thursday, March 13, 2008

mai and meri yeh job ..

Aaj ka din complete mixture tha. Aaj to sir bhi kafi dukh reha hai, pata nai bimari hai ya tension. Abhi tek chutti ki application approve nai hui and mujhey next week jana hai pakistan jiske asaar kam hi nazr aatay hain, mai apne cousin ki mangni per har soorat puhnchna chahta hun, he is one of my closest friends as well laiken yeh job pata nai kia kia lai kerke jayegi... Subha subha hi usne suna dia k aapko aik stamp paper sign kerna hoga janay se pehlay...phir bata dia k chuttian 21 nahi 15 hain aapki phir aur museebtien...mujhey samajh nai aarehi k aaj kal job mai har terf se hi koi nai koi masla hai..there is sometime back jab maine buht se official matters se grip loose ki thi..just to free up myself and let believe in the system...but that system is goin against me now :S :S yani k unwillingly all these things clinged on my mind whole day so shaam ko jo annual dinner party thi, i couldnt enjoy thoroughly coz internally i did not had enough reasons to smile or feel great about the employer to be honest.. and guess what, the consolidatory bonus voucher i recieved got a fine print sayin: i will be only paid that amount with next salary if a contract is signed...i wonder what contract they talkin abt now?!?! bloddy ell man..bachay ki jaan lo gay kia!! nyway in nutshell i am pretty annoyed tonight...hopefully the feelings go away by tomorrow and i would be able to sort out stuff with my boss jiske chances kuch khaas great nazr nai aatey but nt gona lose hope...i let myself into this situation, and inshAllah with help of Almighty Allah i will be able to crawl back! i am looking forward for next week for better things...

*i know its another depressed post.