Wednesday, May 21, 2008

21 may 2008

Im missing home today, so much! buht kam hi aisa hua hai ..laiken aaj i hardly contained my tears, i was almost about to burst... pata nai mere ird gird logoun k lagta hai k mai buht sakht dil houn...mujhey kuch feel nai hota. Aaj mera room mate/ colleague job chor ker Pakistan chala gya, ab kal raat betha keh reha tha k dekho sub kitne busy hain kisi k pass time hi nahi, and well aisa nai k mujhey uskay jana ka afsos nai tha..but how to express? shaed yehi meri problem hai .. and aaj jab usko airport per chornay gye and we sat at burger king for sometime.. well wahan per aik lamhay k liye mujhey apne gher ki buht yaad aayi...its only bin about a month since i came back yet it was so hard to control.. and i believe it was first time i txted home and told them i am missing you all ... i dont know something got into me jab mere dost nai pocha k kitni der hogyi ami abu k saath rehay huwey...and mai kaha 'ab to arsa hi hogya...' ..i just so wish i could live with them once dreams and ambitions sub gye bhar se ziada kia imp hai life mai? i know k they love me so much and they want me to live with them as being the only son they have to right to think like that yet they have allowed me to follow my own, kuwait nothing has proven any better to me yet...sometimes sochta hun shaed parents ki dua hi chaiyeh "kamyaab" honay k liye dat is why i am still looking for a better job..

khair lets hope subha tek the feeling goes away..nahi to it would be hard i know :)