Monday, August 07, 2006

A shair from DM Digital

Khud hi tumhai chak-e-gireban ka sha'oor aajaye ga,
Tum Aa to jao wahan tek, Jahan hum aagye hain.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I wish i had someone to speak with at the moment. There are few people might be willing to talk or listen to me but i dont want to but again probably making the wrong judgement, may be i shoudn't speak to anyone, shaed koi bhi is like nahi ya phir abhi mujhey woh sub yaad aareha hai jo log mujhey kehtay thaye and i used to ignore them thinking im the only one thinking best for me laiken it all turned out to be wrong. I feel helpless and SAD and pata nai kia kia, failed in this matter as well, i need to learn from it *-) laiken i know i wont, i wont able to, i just trust people i can't do anything about it, hope things get better from now.. :)