Sunday, October 08, 2006


Lo g betha hun idher, 78% bored hun abhi. Ji yeh aik local mobile telecom ka call centre hai and mai yahan call centre ki internal communications support kerta hun, well kerta to nahi hun laiken supposedly yeh kaam hai mera. Abhi to betha cisco ip telephony ki documentation perh reha hun. Yeh log kehtay hain k it will take atleast 6 months before i can actually work on the system, kafi complex system hai baqool inke but once aapko yeh aajaye ga, u'll have unique expertise as this system is of unique status in the region...bla bla bla :|

Thiek hai mai aisa hi kuch kerna chahta tha and sub say behr ker mai Pakistan mai job kerna chahta tha but iska matlab yeh to nahi na k mujhey day and night shifts ki hell mai daal dia jaye! ab yahan obviously call centre is open 24 hrs and they need people to support them as well all this time so we work on a shift basis , morning...evening or night and what could be worse, u have to work on Eid as well !!!! nahi yeh Pakistan nahi hosaktaaaa:'(

Ab pata nahi mujhey, yeh job aaj chorni hai ya next week, laiken yeh decided hai k i never wanted my first proper job to be like this:(. Ab laiken yahan hain bhi to sub O&M (operations n managment) ki jobs so yeh to ab vendor/equipment specific job hi hogi aur uske liye isterah ki training say to guzarna hi parey ga...perso say 350 slides ki aik file bus perhta hi ja reha hun..ab kal say kuch labs bhi start kerunga...mujhey yakeen nahi aareha k mai sunday morning job per betha hun :( khairrrr

baqi yehi hai k jis say bhi milta hun woh yehi kehta hai k tum wapis kion aagye? yahan kia hai, koi jobs nahi hain tumne degree ki hai tumhai wahan hi rehna chahhiyeh :S itna farq hai na soch mai subki laiken i wont blame soch to aapki circumstances say develop hoti hai ...wahan thaye to kehtay thaye pak jaker hi job keriengye and wahien rehiengye...yahan dekho to har koi isi try mai hai k kisi terah bahir nikal jaye.

Mai wapis ja reha hun ya nahi ?: Interesting question. subsay pehlay dekho jo kismet mai likha ho and ALlah keray jo bhi ho behter hi ho. Baqi yeh hai k abi kahien aur bhi try kertay hain phir job k liye ager kahien behter baat bani..job jaisi bhi ho pay and timings achi honi chahiyeh! to i might stay otherwise go back and try your luck again!!! i can stay for abit more there on my student visa yet so no harm in applying.... baqi phir dekha jaye ga :^)


Blogger Mariam said...

lol, lol! I sympathize with you, but I was wondering... how did you know that you were 78% bored? :O

Mon Oct 09, 10:59:00 pm GMT+3  
Blogger Tauqeer said...

thats to do with some internal procedures specific to my mind body coordination....@ mariam

Tue Oct 10, 09:05:00 pm GMT+3  
Blogger Anaa said...

hmm,,,i guess call centre job is 75% bored one,,,why don't u apply in others telecommunication companies,,they are in great numbers in pakistan..nowadays,,,
and,,,in advance " Happy Eid "

Sun Oct 22, 07:26:00 pm GMT+3  
Blogger Tauqeer said...

Thanks for the wishes anaa,hope you enjoyed your Eid day as well. Umm about call center job if you say, im not directly related to that aspect of the business as i am part of Operations and maintenence team, we look after call center internal network communications. Anyway, i think any type of O&M job is boring so im actively thinking to switch to something else, may be RF optimisation and planning for GSM networks or something more productive what i mean :)

Wed Oct 25, 04:23:00 pm GMT+3  

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