Sunday, February 26, 2006

yeh kia!

yeh kia hogya hai mujhey:( kabhi aisa to na tha! yeh mai kia ker reha hun? khud ko negate? apnay hi banaye principles ko oppose? khud say larayi hai ya zamanay say ya apne mazhab kay?

yaad hia na mai in sub kuch thiek nahi samajhta! hum to Muslims hai na, musafir khana hai yeh dunya , phir bhi in mai behlnay ko dil kerta hai ? phir bhi woh sub kernay ko man kerta hai jo sub kertay hain? jabkey yaad hai na tumhai Muslim is always an ODD, it has to be like that and it is...yaad hai why u kept beard? coz Prophet did so, and he did so to differentiate oneself from others...from the people around us, to ab mujhey kia horeha hai ? nahi yaar there is no GAP YEAR in life i know thats what u are thinking at the moment..k haan aik waqt aaye ga jab sub chordounga..back to old tauqeer laiken woh shaed abhi dur hai, shaed im too lonely over here thats why i need ppl around me, laiken it was my decision to live here na, cant complain Allah for that and its not an excuse, may Allah turn my measureable sins into His unmeasurable mercy and help me turn back or better...whatever is good for me :(

I do LIKE some of the PEOPLE around me but the way is wrong na and i know that, and this music stuff, once i said i'll leave everything, i even did up to some extent, cinema jana bilkul chor dia tha but then that 5.1 speaker system in my room and loud music? mai pagal houn bilkul then that wave of internet downloads.... kaise yeh sub justify kerunga:( jabsay pakistan say aaya hun abhi tek usual routine per nahi jasaka balkay sub kuch bher hi reha hai ..msn contacts, chatrooms..fone calls!

yes i do need to do something about it and that would be soon inshAllah. I know my religion and my beliefs are not that weak k sirf meray actions say unki sanctuary per koi shak kia jasakey..its probably just me. Hope things get better soon and thats what we all have to try :)


Blogger Mariam said...

1. I think keeping a beard was probably fashionable in old days (ever heard of clean shave in the times of the Prophet?); it was a sign of masculinity as well as simplicity. Keeping a beard is a personal choice, & if Muhammad (sal Allahu alaihi wasallam) made that choice, it doesn't mean that a Muslim who dislikes beard has to grow one too! (that's just my interpretation... you know that I am usually high on the fatwa hit-list :D)

2. Hazrat Daud (David) & Hazrat Suleman (Solomon) sang too, although I dunno if it was accompanied with music :)

Anyways, Moderation is the key. Hope you feel happy about the choices you make (& choices do change with one's nner & outer circumstances).

p.s. do you know that white text on black background is kinda hard to read (for someone with eyes like mine)? :O

Sun Feb 26, 04:28:00 am GMT+3  
Blogger Tauqeer said...

Acha first of all to my readers:
"This page (blog) is optimized for 1024 by 768 pixel view" :)

- Well sachi baat hai k mera religious ilm buht mehdood hai, most of the time i am open for a debate laiken its hard for me to give references and all that, blame that to my rusty memory:$. But well, i know that in Prophet's time, everybody used to keep beard. But as i believe, Prophet asked muslims to keep the beard and trim their moustaches and the reason behind was to distinguish themselves from others ( Jews, christians etc..). So he wanted us to be different from others no?. What i believe? beard is not important when you living in a Muslim country but it is when your away, just my thought.
-Songs...hmm nothing much wrong in it i suppose but well true, the presence of music in it is bit controversial and i think being a muslim one should avoid it.

Tue Feb 28, 01:17:00 am GMT+3  
Anonymous Sher said...

If you go back to dial-up you will hate using the internet....thus not use it as much :)

Wed Mar 01, 02:13:00 am GMT+3  
Blogger Khawab said...

hahahahahaha agree with Sher....or mayb jst disconnect the net altogether....u wont even bother goin anywhere where there is net avaliable....

well i think as long as you are listening to CLEAN songs...(u know wat i mean) the ones u can listen to with ur other family memeber than i think u r okey....cuz i remember readin somethin abt when Hazoor's arival gals sang song on daff.....which is kinda musical instrument......

as for the beard is concern i think it is in fashion again.....not those long ones but the small....but i never hrd ppl MUST have it.....i can surely check it for yaa.....

Wed Mar 08, 04:35:00 am GMT+3  

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