Monday, November 09, 2009

I am not complaining

that people don't understand me. But somehow it is all coming to a point where I am held responsible for all the mess. I am not the kind of person who would deny the responsibility but what I would like to see is a shared sense of improvement, a solution carved out from a situation, in a collaborative manner rather than throwing all the blame on a single person.

Either it be me or someone else, it won't do no good to the other person, as he or she never accepted their mistake, loosing the chance to recover/learn.


Blogger Bushra said...

yesh !! its not good to blame a single person .. unfortunately but in our society its a fashion.. so cant say much about it..

Tue Nov 24, 02:40:00 am GMT+3  
Blogger Nasreen said...

Ah the blame game. It's such an evil game and some people are such expert players in it that even if it's their mistake they can manipulate you into feeling guilty. I'd say, if you can avoid the company of these people, it's better for your own sanity.

Fri Jan 01, 03:41:00 am GMT+3  
Blogger Tauqeer said...


Fri Jan 01, 02:16:00 pm GMT+3  
Blogger Komal Ali said...

Thanks for dropping by at my blog. :)

This is the culture that prevails in the world. It's not so easy to find the escapade. You just gotta learn to ignore. :)

Wed Jun 30, 09:59:00 pm GMT+3  
Blogger Tauqeer said...

probably :)

Thu Jul 01, 08:08:00 am GMT+3  

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